Make An Impact In 15 Seconds

A Network that Connects

A Network of 50 NPR stations, reaching 88% of California’s Counties.

An Audience that Listens

Reach an influential, engaged audience.

A Mindset that Matters

Public radio is a trusted source of news and information.

A Network that Connects

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51 of 58 Counties

The CapRadio Network is a network of 50+ NPR stations reaching (88%) of California’s counties. As a sponsor, your business-to-business or business-to-consumer message can reach 88% of the state or target specific regions with one simple phone call. We can develop a statewide or regional strategy and execute it with ease.

Each week, the CapRadio Network has the potential to reach more than 1 million Californians, including legislators within the Capitol and influencers who work within allied fields. The NPR audience is a reflection of the communities they serve. With one media placement, your message will be heard by CEOs of large corporations, working moms, active seniors, civic leaders and policy makers, and others. Companies partnering with public radio are thought of as leading businesses that are trustworthy and credible. Sponsor messages broadcast on the CapRadio Network are heard and remembered. Listeners take direct action as a result of hearing these messages.

The following information will shed more light on the power of the public radio audience, the statewide scale of public radio listeners, and the power of impactful messaging.

The CapRadio Network is an integrated solution that helps to develop and implement a statewide or regional strategy while working with you to create impactful language that resonates with and motivates listeners.

Ok, so now let’s talk about what makes an impactful message, and how together we’ll go about creating one. We need a place for it to go…or even better, places. Lots and lots of places. How many places? How about the entire state of California?

Target a Key Region or Reach the Entire State

Northern California

CapRadio • Jefferson Public Radio • North State Public Radio

Alpine • Amador • Butte • Colusa • Del Norte • El Dorado • Glenn • Humboldt • Lassen • Mendocino • Modoc  • Nevada • Placer • Plumas • Sacramento • Shasta • Sierra • Siskiyou • Solano • Sutter • Tehama • Trinity • Yolo • Yuba

Central California

CapRadio • Central Coast Public Radio • NPR for the Monterey Bay Area •  Northern California Public Media •  Valley Public Radio

Alpine • Amador • Calaveras • Colusa • El Dorado • Fresno • Kern • Kings • Lake • Madera • Mariposa • Merced • Mono • Monterey • Napa • Nevada • Placer • Sacramento • San Benito • San Joaquin • San Luis Obispo • Santa Cruz • Sierra • Solano • Sonoma • Stanislaus • Sutter • Tulare • Tuolumne • Yolo • Yuba

Southern California

Empire Public Radio • KCLU Santa Barbara • KCRW Santa Monica • NPR for Southern California • San Diego Public Radio

Imperial • Kern • Los Angeles • Orange • Riverside • San Bernardino • San Diego • San Luis Obispo • Santa Barbara • Ventura

The Audience That's Listening

Business Leaders

NPR listeners are disproportionately represented in white-collar occupations. Listeners are leaders in the workplace, whether in the private or public sector. 

• 100% more likely to be top management
• 43% more likely to be in a president role
• 60% more likely to be in a vice president role
• 20% more likely to hold business and financial operations positions

Educated Lifelong Learners

The NPR audience is highly educated. Listeners dedication to public radio is indicative of a broader commitment to learning throughout their lives.

• 195% more likely to have a post-graduate degree
• 301% more likely to have a doctorate degree
• 93% consider continued learning very important

Civic Leaders

NPR listeners are highly engaged in their communities. They are vocal advocates for causes they support. Their strong community ties give them inordinate influence in their social and political networks.

• 195% more likely to serve on a committee for a local organization
• 266% more likely to have been an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy or government
• 40% more likely to have voted in a Federal, State or Local election

Tech Trendsetters

NPR listeners are tech savvy and appreciate the value technology adds to their life.

• 88% more likely to work in MIS, IS, IT, Networking or Technology-related jobs
• 49% agree they prefer products that offer the latest in new technology
• 52% agree that when they find a technology product they like, they tend to recommend it to people they know

Sustainability Champions

NPR listeners are highly environmentally aware and take this into consideration when making life choices. This is reflected in the products they buy and the actives in which they participate.

• 77% believe preserving the environment is important
• 149% more likely to have made a contribution to an environmental organization
• 308% more likely to participate in environmental groups or causes

Cultural Connoisseurs

NPR listeners have a curiosity about the world around them and are more interested in experiencing other cultures than the average American

• 81% more likely to have visited a museum in the last 12 months
• 84% more likely to have gone to live theater in the last 12 months
• 30% more likely to have taken 3+ foreign trips in the past 3 years

*Source: MRI-Simmons Doublebase Fall 2021

82% Take Action in Response to Something Heard on NPR

NPR content drives further research and engagement by listeners. Listeners report that NPR inspires them to take a more active role in their community and the world.

89% of Listeners Agree that NPR Provides Them with Information that Other Media Outlets Do Not

Connect with a uniquely engaged audience. Listeners agree NPR is a trusted source of news that improves the quality of their lives and is highly valued as a public service. The high-quality brand of journalism and storytelling attracts a loyal, curious and influential audience.

70% of Listeners Prefer to do Business with Companies that Support NPR

Public radio listeners are passionate about their NPR stations and so have positive feelings about sponsors. Utilizing the CapRadio Network builds positive brand perceptions including quality, credibility and community connection in nearly every major metropolitan market as well as regional and rural markets.

Placing your message in this uncluttered environment allows your message not only to be heard but to resonate with the audience.

*Source: NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2021

It's the Mindset that Matters

We achieve your marketing goal by delivering a concise and effective message to a very select audience. Public radio listeners respond when hearing a message that resonates with them. We don’t have to “sell” them.

Public radio audiences are a diverse group of people coming from all walks of life. Whether they are a newly minted 18-year-old voter on a mission to save the world, or a 65-year-old Boomer who was part of a revolution decades ago, they share the attribute of wanting to change the world. They want to do good, better. This translates to support of and loyalty to “their” public radio station. They rely on public radio as a trusted source of news and information.

“I can think of nothing that an audience won’t understand. The only problem is to interest them; once they are interested, they understand anything in the world.”

– Orson Welles

We want to show you that a message can be incredibly impactful in 15-seconds or less; that a focused and concise message, delivered to a network of NPR stations throughout a statewide footprint, can amplify its impact and drive stellar ROI.
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